Instructions for preparing the material for home pick-up of bulk waste

How to prepare the material

Criteria and limitations for preparing the material

As per Regulations for the management of urban waste for the city of Turin, it is possible to request pick-up, indicatively, of no more than 2 square metres of material, for an overall length not exceeding 2.80 metres. During the request phase it is important to specify in a detailed manner the specifics of the material (e.g. Not “mattress” but “queen-sized mattress”, not “wardrobe” but “3-door wardrobe”, not “kitchen” but “3 kitchen cabinets and 2 drawer units”).

For furniture, it is necessary to disassemble the furniture into individual pieces (doors, sides, shelves...).
For WEEE (electric and electronic equipment waste) more than 1 piece per type of waste is not permitted (e.g. 2 refrigerators no, 1 washing machine and 1 refrigerator yes).
For plumbing fixtures (maximum number permitted 3 items), it is essential, for hygienic reasons, that they be placed inside an open bag. 
Mirrors, sheets of glass and windows are to be packaged for safety reasons.

What is not picked-up at home

It is specified that only bulk was from home use are picked-up - below is a list, including but not limited to what is not picked up.
  • gas cylinders, extinguishers, car batteries and motorcycles;
  • cardboard boxes, even if packages in large dimensions;
  • inert material from small demolition works;
  • small parts, even if grouped together in a box (it is possible to turn to collection centres in the area);
  • branches and greenery from pruning (use the collection centres in the area). For large quantities to be picked-up, it is possible to request a price quote at the Environmental Customer Care Service number in Italy, 800.017277.
  • bulk waste if contaminated or from a fire (e.g. mattresses with organic liquids or insects, pieces of burned materials, ...).

Generally, bulk waste that by type of material and/or quantity are clearly not from home use (e.g. very large electric or electronic equipment or for office use, store furnishings, professional instruments, ...) or bulk materials from renovations or maintenance carried out by professionals.

Except for small R4 electronic and electrical waste which, in a limited number, can be set out together with bulk waste, as long as the information is communicated when requesting the pick-up service.

For information on the proper positioning of these materials, you may contact the Environmental Customer Care Service number in Italy, 800.017277.

Rules for setting out material

Setting out the material inside one’s own condominium courtyard is preferred if easily accessible to the collection vehicle (minimum width of the driveway 2.50 m and entrance without architectural barriers).

Only in cases that this is not possible, because there is no courtyard or lack of accessibility, the material can be set out on public property, and only on the specific day of the service. In this case, a sign must be attached to the material including the word Amiat followed by the code of the request provide during the pick-up scheduling phase.

Materials set out in ways different than those indicated above (e.g. on the street near collection skips or on days other than those scheduled for pick-up) will lead to reporting to the competent authorities in addition to the sanction pursuant to the Regulations for the management of urban waste for the City of Turin.

Pick-up times

Pick-up will take place from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm and Saturday from 8 am to 12 pm regardless of the chosen place for setting out the material. 


Please note! COVID-19 emergency

The waste for which home pick-up is requested must not have been, during the past 15 days, neither in contact, nor in the same apartment with the Covid-positive person or someone in mandatory or precautionary self-quarantine.