Bulk waste collection

There are several ways of disposing of bulk waste items, which, of course, must never be abandoned beside a skip

Bulk waste is considered waste that cannot be thrown out in street skips, put out for door to door collection or brought to the eco-islands because of its size. Typically, these are durable domestic consumer goods, such as furniture, mattresses, household appliances (e.g., fridges, gas cookers, dishwashers, washing machines, televisions, computers, printers...), plumbing fixtures (e.g., toilets, bathtubs, sinks... ) from local residential spaces.

Come richiedere il ritiro di un rifiuto ingombrante a Torino?

To dispose of bulk waste, which must naturally never be abandoned near skips, it is necessary to fill out the on-line form.

Please refer to the instructions for preparing the material.

Other pick-up methods

Request collection of used appliances directly from the retailer
Request collection of the used product directly from the domestic appliance retailer if you are buying a new one; for domestic appliances, retailers are legally obliged to dispose of the used appliance free of charge when providing a new one. For small electric and electronic appliances only (of no more than 25 cm) and therefore not considered bulk waste, individuals can ask large retailers (with a sales space of at least 400 m sq) to dispose of them free of charge without having to make a purchase.
Bring the bulk waste item to your nearest Collection Centre
Find the collection centre closest to you
Request home pick-up by calling 800 017 277 in Italy.

Call 800 017 277 in Italy from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm to arrange for home pick-up with the Environmental Customer Care Service.
The citizen must inform the Environmental Customer Care Service if the pick-up will take place in the courtyard or on the street. In the event that the material is set out on the street, the material must be set out exclusively on the day agreed with Customer Care for pick-up. If you need to dispose of other small electrical and electronic goods as well, these can be collected alongside the large waste item, as long as you let Amiat know when requesting the service.

Please refer to the instructions for preparing the material.


Non-domestic customers can contact the Environmental Customer Care Service in Italy at 800 017 277 to request the service, which is a paid service regardless of the amount of material to be picked-up.