How to sort your waste

In Turin, waste is sorted using different sized containers depending on the type of collection operating in the area, with a different colour for each waste category:

  • green for non-recyclable waste
  • brown for compost
  • yellow for paper and cardboard
  • blue for glass and tins
  • light grey for plastic packaging
Paper and cardboard
Plastic packaging
Glass and tins
Non-recyclable waste
Toner and cartridges
Other waste types

Paper and cardboard

Throughout the city of Turin, the separate paper and cardboard waste collection is for domestic use.
Using the YELLOW container provided, newspapers, notebooks, books, paper and cardboard packaging, cardboard boxes, drinks containers (tetrapak or other polylaminate items) can be disposed of following these guidelines:

  • items should be clean and free of any foodstuff;
  • cartons and cardboard boxes should be flattened;
  • DO NOT put items in a plastic bag, instead use bags made from plant-based materials or place items directly in the container;
  • DO NOT include paper tissues, greaseproof paper, baking parchment, tin foil or receipts. If you have any queries, please refer to the dedicated section on the COMIECO Consortium website.

Where home collection has not yet been arranged, Apartment Complex Managers can call the Cartesio cooperative hotline on 800.201401.

For further information, please refer to the COMIECO Consortium website.

Plastic packaging

In Italy, only plastics that are packaging are sorted and disposed of separately. This includes all plastic items that act as a food or drink container, i.e. items that contained or covered the product at the time of purchase.
Using the GREY container provided or the semi-transparent bags supplied by Amiat, drinks bottles, flasks, trays, packaging (including polystyrene), tubes, bags, single-use plates and cups, bubble wrap and other plastics can be disposed of following these guidelines:

  • to avoid any foul odours, the containers must be empty and rinsing them is also advised;
  • bottles and flasks should be crushed horizontally;
  • DO NOT dispose of any type of plastic that is not packaging (e.g., toys, basins and crockery, hard cases, hose pipes, building materials, rubber items, etc.).

For further information, please refer to the COREPLA Consortium website.

Glass and tins

In Turin, glass and tin cans are sorted together along with all other metallic packaging.
In the recycling banks and BLUE containers provided, glass jars, metal tins, glass bottles and pots, perfume bottles, bottle caps, tins, metal containers and tubes, aluminium containers and sheets can be disposed of following these guidelines:

  • to avoid any foul odours, the containers must be empty and rinsing them is also advised;
  • DO NOT use these containers to dispose of windowpanes, mirrors, drinking glasses and other crystal or Pyrex items, light bulbs, computer or television screens or ceramic objects or abandon such objects beside the containers. If you have any queries, please refer to the COREVE Consortium, to the CiAI Consortium or to the RICREA Consortium websites.
  • DO NOT dispose of rubbish using plastic bags, items must be loose.

For further information, please refer to the COREVE Consortium website for glass, the CiAI Consortium website for metallic packaging or the RICREA Consortium website for steel.


Using the BROWN container provided, separate organic waste including scraps from both plant and animal origin: fruit, vegetables, eggshells, meat, fish and bones, teabags, coffee grounds, flowers, small amounts of plant waste from domestic gardening can be disposed of following these guidelines:

  • only put waste in paper bags or in plastic bags that are biodegradable or compostable;
  • DO NOT use the containers to dispose of compost, litter tray waste, cigarette butts, animal excrement, or shells. If you have any queries, please refer to the dedicated section of the CIC Consortium website.

For further information, please refer to the Italian CIC Compost Consortium website.

Non-recyclable waste

For waste NOT included in any sorted waste category (for instance, items that are dirty or made of several materials that cannot be broken down), or if you are unsure on how to properly dispose of an item, use the non-recyclable waste containers to avoid any risk of contaminating the sorted waste.


WEEE are Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment, including large and small domestic appliances and generally any items you wish to dispose of that use a power supply.
Every time you buy a new item, regardless of the type or size, the retailer is obliged to pick up the item that is being replaced.
For small electric and electrical equipment (no more than 25 cm), and therefore not large waste items, large retailers are also obliged to pick the item up free of charge without you having to make a purchase.
In any event, individuals can dispose of electric equipment at an Amiat Collection Centre. For larger domestic appliances, individuals can request a free home pick-up service through the Amiat website or by calling the Customer Care Service on 800.017277.

Toner and cartridges

Individuals can dispose of used IT products free of charge at Amiat Collection Centres, such as empty ink cartridges (ink jet) and empty laser printer cartridges.
The waste collection service is provided free of charge for individuals, municipal areas, surrounding premises and all the compulsory education public schools within the City of Turin.
Commercial users and all the other users who use printing as part of their professional services should contact La Nuova Cooperativa (telephone 011. 7732212, Fax 011.7732228, email to request a container and set the service up. The collection service must be paid for, though the user may independently bring their waste to a collection point specified by the Cooperative, free of charge.
For further information on the cost of home collection services, please call our Customer Care Service at 800 017277 or contact La Nuova Cooperativa.

Other waste types

With Collection Centres throughout the city, Amiat provides several other sorted waste collection services:

  • used clothes, shoes and accessories — these can also be disposed of at the several large white metal containers across the city;
  • neon and low energy light bulbs;
  • wood;
  • alloy or metal goods;
  • used cooking oils;
  • small quantities of clippings and prunings from private gardens;
  • cork.

Further information is available here.

To get the best sorted waste collection quality and avoid malodorous issues, waste disposed of in the paper, plastic and glass containers should be cleaned as best as possible and free of food residue. That is why it is advisable to rinse packaging and avoid disposing of dirty items.

If you are unsure about the disposing of an item of rubbish, please refer to the Amiat Waste Sorting Guide, which is also available in English, or use the App.
For further information on urban waste management in Turin, please refer to the Municipal Waste Management Regulation on the Turin City website.